About Ames Crafts

Hi! My name is Francis Ames and I am the owner of Ames Crafts. This business was established in Pennsylvania in 2008 when I found myself disabled and unable to walk. I already had a love for crafting and decided that I should share my handmade crafts with the world through eBay. Ames Crafts still hold 100% satisfaction rating. I sold premade scrapbook pages, premade mini albums, greeting cards, paper crafts, and crafting supplies.

As I began to recover I began to teach what I had learned by hosting scrapbooking and card making classes at local Michael's craft store. I even represented them at the Scrapbooking convention.

My paper flower head band was a real hit even a newbie can be successful at recreating this project. I also made 3D Paper Cakes that everyone loved (not a beginner project). I had a real passion for teaching what I learned and even started a blog.



During the economic slowdown, demand for crafting went down. Many local smaller independent craft stores went out of business and Ames Crafts was also impacted. I stopped teaching at local stores and re-entered the workforce. I also stopped updating my blog. However, I was still active on eBay.

Ames Crafts expanded its business into the jewelry business in 2018 and signed up to be an independent distributor of Paparazzi Accessories. Paparazzi creates affordable, fashion accessories such necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hair clips for only $5. These products are of good quality and are nickel and lead free. My business continues to flourish in this niche and have received four company sales awards called Life of the Party in my first 2 years and I am on track to receive another in my 3rd year. Currently with this shop, 10% of my sales goes to support worthy charities such as Alex Lemonade Stand, Programs Against Human Trafficking, Jude's Children, Orphanage, among others. To view this shop visit www.Fab5Deals.shop. To partner up with me and open your own online jewelry boutique visit www.Fab5Deals.com for details.

Despite recent health challenges my vision for Ames Crafts have evolved to something greater than myself. Thanks to local and online business communities I have learned how to grow my business including how to scale it. Which can be a real challenge when demand is high during holidays. My vision and purpose is to grow and hire women that suffered from domestic violence. I believe a positive caring environment will help women rebuild their self esteem which is needed for those that are now re-enter the workforce. I believe a small shop environment will allow them to learn new transferrable skills for future advancement.

As you search my online store I hope you will find joy in the many products and services that I am offering. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive up to date information on new product releases, sales, and special discount codes. Follow us online #AmesCrafts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Etsy.