Christmas Holiday Gift - Teacher Appreciation Oven Mitt Gift Set

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Show your appreciation for teachers with this practical gifts. Choose from the various colors and sentiments.

* Customer will receive a pair of oven mitts for $4.95 

* Mugs are on sale for $5.95.

* Bundle 1: Pair of Mitts, (Cookie, Brownie or Cake Mix) Mix, with Mixing Spoon or Whisk wrapped in cellophane bag with ribbon for $13.95.

 * Bundle 2: Oven Mitt, (Cookie, Brownie or Cake) Mix, Mixing Spoon or Whisk and Mug wrapped in cellophane bag with ribbon, and a holiday greeting card is included for $18.95

Due to supply demands seller will select mix and the option of spoon/mixes. If you have a preference please send a message right away. We will do our best to accommodate.